Thursday, June 10, 2010

This is the face of a 20 pounder!!

We hit a milestone...Sam is finally 20 lbs!!

Two weeks ago we woke up to rapid breathing and wheezing. Sam was having asthma problems, which have not been an issue before, and it was not something I was happy about since he has been on Flovent and should be "healthy" right now. So we went to the pediatrician for a breathing treatment, and while I was there I called my GI doctor. She said the Flovent is obviously not working, since he also has not gained any weight in the last month, and she prescribed him Prednisolone. It's a stronger liquid steriod that he was to take for two weeks, and tomorrow is the last day. So today I took him to check his weight, and he is exactly one pound heavier!

So today is a happy day. I'll be interested to see how it goes the next few weeks when he is not on a steriod, but hopefully he will continue to grow.
I will say another thing....he has suddenly become a ticklish little boy. I think that in itself is a sign that he is feeling better. :)