Thursday, September 9, 2010

Birthday Stats

Sam turned 2 on September 2. I can't believe it! My sweet sister made him an allergen-free cake, and it was so fun to watch him eat a real treat with real {delicious} frosting. To see the full birthday festivities, go here. We haven't had our official well-check, but I took him in a few days before for weight and height checks when he was done with his Singulair. He was 21 lbs 3 oz, and measured 31 inches. I don't know how accurate the height is, but his weight stayed the same. No growth on the Singulair as far as I'm concerned. He has however outgrown his size 3 shoes, so that's a milestone. Slowly but surely, this kid will grow! He's still in 6-12 month clothes, and some 12-18 month shirts.

Right now we are doing nothing besides the 6-food elimination. I haven't started the Lomatium yet because I kind of want to get a scope first to see if he is getting better or worse. If it looks worse, then I will start the Lomatium and see what it does. Then I could tell people with surety if it actually works. I really want to be able to help other people too. I think that's the only reason we go through these trials, so we can help others around us. So things are just kind of normal around here. Nothing new yet. Sam seems to be stable, not better or worse. Although he did get sick yesterday and is on steroids again for a couple days to help his breathing. So maybe he'll gain a couple pounds again. He sure is a happy kid though! That's all I can ask for at this point. :)