Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Finally, Some Good News

I called Dr. Harnesberger and told her I didn't want to wait another two months for a scope. I felt like we were just sitting doing nothing, and Sam wasn't getting any better or worse. I want to start adding things in, or taking more things out, whatever we need to do. I don't want to just do nothing. She agreed and we had a scope last week. This time Dr. Harnesberger did it. Although inconvenient not to be down the street at Riverton Hospital with an early morning appointment, I wanted her to see his esophagus herself. So we headed downtown to Primary Children's at 1pm with a cranky child who had not eaten anything all day. But I was more than happy with the results! Dr. Harnesberger said his esophagus couldn't look any healthier. The pictures showed it perfectly, smooth as could be, well vasculated, and no visible white patches. Hooray!! I wanted to add wheat back in that day, with such good results, but she said to wait for the biopsy. That call came yesterday, with more good news. The highest number of eosinophils found was 27 per high powered field. That's a 75% decrease, and about as fast as the esophagus can heal. She also explained that the basal layer was significantly thinner, indicating less inflamation. Dr. Harnesberger was more than pleased, as was I. Although the disappointing news was that she wanted me to keep Sam on the same diet for a couple more months, and then scope again before adding food back in. She said we're on the right track, but she wants to be sure, keep an eye on him first.

So for now we'll stick to fruit, corn chex, and cocoa pebbles. And of course hot dogs. Broccoli has become a new favorite too, thank goodness! I have to say, he has grown in the last week. A lot of his clothes he wore the week before no longer fit. Really, it was overnight. So maybe he'll start catching up now! But either way he is a happy happy boy.
We just love to see his smile!