Friday, January 14, 2011


Sam had his scope two weeks ago, and it looked great, just as good as last time. You can tell how happy he was to be at the hospital again. There was some shadowing that may or may not have been ridges starting to form, but really Dr. Harnesberger thought wheat was a pass. And he is loving it so much!

Then we got the biopsy results.

I am so disappointed. I feel so bad taking all this new food away from Sam when he's been enjoying it so much, and doesn't seem to feel sick at all! But Harnesberger said since we bothered to do the scope, we better follow what the results were. And 65 eos was the number everywhere, not just in one random high spot. Last time the numbers were 27.

So her plan is to take out wheat again, and add dairy, since dairy was the next lowest number on our allergy test results. I thought dairy would be the last thing to add, since I thought it was the obvious culprit, but he is more allergic to soy and eggs, and those numbers I guess correlate 50% of the time.

Sam has had dairy now for one week, and all day today I heard him say "owie! owie!" because his butt is so raw from the diarrhea. This is the first time ever in his life he has had cows milk to drink; and he loves it! Of course he does. Because it's something I'm sure I will be taking away, sooner than later this time. Did I mention his new love of cheese puffs? This poor kid is going to be so mad at me!

I don't know how long to expect diarrhea, but it can't be a sign of a good thing. In my opinion, dairy is a fail. He hasn't been eating very well, either, although he still wants to eat all the dairy things I've been giving him. He hasn't thrown up at all though.

Harnesberger is back in town next week, and I'll see what she wants to do. My poor little Sammy.


  1. I'm so sorry you all are having to go through this. Food trials are so frustrating...for us and for our children. Our doctor does make us stop a food if any symptoms start. And so far, as as soon as we have stopped the food, the symptoms have stopped. I am little surprised that they let your Sammy try dairy so soon in the first place because it is one of the top EE allergens.
    I wish you luck and will keep you in my thoughts. We know how hard this process and disease is.

  2. Oh, this breaks my heart. Sam is such a happy child. I hate to see you take away his new foods - he will definitely NOT be his happy self. And it will be hard for you, too. One a positive note, he is lucky to have you for his mom - you're dietetics degree has to help you come up with alternatives. Good luck, Honey.