Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hello, we haven't seen you in a while....

I took Sam back to the allergist this week.

We hadn't seen Dr. Taylor since last May I think, so I figured it was time to redo some allergy tests and see if any new ones popped up. Mostly, I wanted to test for some seeds and nuts so I could add these to his diet without overly wondering if it was bad for him. Coconut and sesame were safe (he didn't have sunflower), so I'm taking it and running. Sure I'll still wonder if it affects his eos in his throat, because allergy tests don't tell me that for sure, but a negative allergy test makes me a bit more confident, even if it's a false hope. If I don't see any outward aversion than I'm keeping it. I think those muffins and ice cream made with cococut milk sound like a special treat for Sam he is going to love!

Thankfully everything else was pretty much the same. No new ones- still egg, dairy, and peanut- but egg was not as big of a reaction this time. On our next scope, I'm going to run some RAST tests again to look at the numbers; Taylor says the RAST tests seem to correlate better with eosinophilic disease. He is also going to an eosinophilic conference in San Fran, and he will let me know what New and exciting things they present.

So I'd say we're good here for now. Still eliminating the top 6 and Sam is happy and growing a tad. He weighs 23 lbs 12 oz! Thanks maybe to a little steroid run last month. But we'll take it.


  1. My two sons have EE. My older son was just diagnosed this past November while hospitalized for what they thought was a virus. His esophagus was so ulcerated that he had to be put on IV fluids. We slowly added foods back but are going through the food elimination diet right now. 16 year olds are about as cooperative as 3 year olds. It does answer a lot of questions about past problems swallowing. It took us 16 years to get a diagnosis!

  2. Wow, DeeAnna. I can't believe it took that long to get a diagnosis! But I guess that's why this is a new and rare disease. I hope the elimination diet goes well for you! At least your 16 year old can tell you right away if a food hurts his stomach; that's the hardest part for me right now, I just don't know. Maybe in another year....Good luck!

  3. Great news about egg. Using coconut milk in baking is a great idea, thanks for sharing that idea.
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