Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Yes we are still here.

I haven't posted in a while, because we really haven't done anything new besides asthma attacks and worsening eczema. After Sam's horrible reaction to dairy in January, we have just been doing the allergen-free diet for the past 6 months to let him heal.

Well, he had another scope May 24, and his esophagus looks better than ever! The numbers were 26 eosinophils at the highest, 0 in some places, and the reactive change was significantly better than the last scope. I told Harnesberger that I wanted to try wheat again, since he seemed to do so well on it before even though the numbers were higher, because honestly I think the numbers are being affected by environmental allergens in the air. Really, I'm just stubborn and I want wheat to pass. So we're back on wheat. Yeah!!Sam was so excited when I asked if he wanted some bread. Wheat opens up so many new options, and he is in heaven. So far, after more than a month, he is eating wheat with no apparent problems. The only concern I have is this weird cough every so often, not all the time. But he is happy and eating tons, and looks like he's growing. Although I don't think he really is. But he looks good.

I'm not sure what to do next. Call it good and say wheat is a pass without doing a scope again? I don't know. I'll wait a few months and see how he seems to be doing. His birthday is in 2 months, so I'm anxious to go to his appointment then and see how he's grown.

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